The Secret to Successful Weight Loss

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Melt 1 pound of fat every 72 hours completely transform your face and body, eliminate hunger and bloating, support weight loss for a lifetime, exclusively for women, scientifically proven.

But perhaps the real EYE OPENER in The Biggest Loser study was the fact that the contestants suffered a dramatic decline in leptin.

Since leptin is a hormone that tells your brain “you’re full” and should therefore stop eating, the fact that their leptin levels were REALLY LOW means that the contestants were CONSTANTLY HUNGRY after the TV reality show.

This constant feeling of being hungry is not only unbearable but results directly in weight regain. Worse, trying to lose weight again at this stage is doubly hard since they’ll be fighting hunger even more.

It’s a program that focuses on women’s unique body structures, hormone levels, and even their distinctive lifestyles. So don’t eat less and exercise more.

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